Jackpot Machines

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Note: Features can be changed

Oh no! The Jackpot Machine that Deity build has broken!

Talk to the Repairman and help him to fix it!

But it won't last long, so play while the machine is still there.


  • Caelestia Gathering Area (Teleporter -> Gathering Area)

Talk to the Jackpot Repairman (celestiaj 164, 145)

Jackpot Repairman.gif

Zeny required in order to activate the Machine: 5,000,000 Zeny

Jackpot Machine.gif

It will be active for 1hr and 30m

Jackpot Machine

Required Items

1 Gambling Points


1st Jackpot Rewards:

  • Crown of Deceit [1]


  • Helm of Darkness [1]

Helm of Dark.png

2nd Jackpot Rewards:

  • Costume Gram Peony

Gram Peony.png

  • Costume Steampunk Hat

Steam Punk.png

Other Rewards

HD Oridecon HD Oridecon.png
HD Elunium HD Elunium.png
Dream Flowers Dream Flower.png
Holy Yggdrasil Berry & Yggdrasil Berry Ygg Berry.png
Yggdrasil Seeds Ygg Seed.png
Gold Gold.png
+10 Stat Foods HTonic.png