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Cosmos PvP System

There are two types of Arena in Cosmos Ragnarok Online:

Free Arena

  • Free Arena [All Class]: Free Potion and Free for All ( No Restrictions )
  • Ranked Arena [Training]: Free Potion rules same as Ranked Arena
  • Izlude [Baby vs Baby]: Special Arena for babies.

Ranked Arena

Cosmos Ragnarok Online Custom Ranked PVP Arena. FUN! BALANCED! COMPETITIVE!


Note: For Ranked Arena Only

  • Arena Points can be gained daily. Required to battle at least once each day to claim the points in the next day. Arena Point gained according to Division.
  • Arena Points also can be gained from each kill/deaths, by 2 and 1 respectively.

Arena Points are used to buy:

  • Legendary Gears
  • Vellum Weapons
  • WoE Gears
  • Limited Headgears:
    • Gigantic Bapho Horns
    • White Tiger Hat
    • Bascojin Hat etc.
  • [WIP] Shadow Gears
  • [WIP] Limited Cosmos Custom Items


1. No @commands available.

2. No Healing Potion can be used.

3. No force quit by logging out ( Exit Warper Available on the middle of the map ), exiting by logging out or disconnected will reduce your current Prestige Points.

4. Damage Rules according to battleground: Attack 50%, Skills 30%, Flee Penalty 25%.

5. Cosmos Custom Items are disabled except Legendary Gears and Enchanted Stars.

6. Arena Ranking will be reset weekly, and players Prestige Points goes down to default Prestige Points depending on their division.

7. Abusing and Intentional Feeding will be punished accordingly, having prestige points and arena points deleted.


1. Players will be warped on Square Arena doing FREE FOR ALL Battle.

2. Killing Players will give you Prestige Points.

3. Bronze III Division will not be deducted Points.

4. You will gain more points rather than you lose.

5. Exiting the Arena using Warper in the middle will take up to 10 seconds.

Rank Division & Daily Arena Points

Division Prestige Points Daily Arena Points Rewards
Champion 9500 Points and Rank 1 2000 points
Challenger I 12500 Points 1400 points
Challenger II 10000 Points 1200 points
Challenger III 9500 Points 1000 points
Diamond I 9000 Points 800 points
Diamond II 8500 Points 700 points
Diamond III 8000 Points 600 points
Star I 7250 Points 500 points
Star II 6500 Points 475 points
Star III 6000 Points 450 points
Gold I 4750 Points 400 points
Gold II 4000 Points 375 points
Gold III 3500 Points 350 points
Silver I 3000 Points 300 points
Silver II 2250 Points 275 points
Silver III 1750 Points 250 points
Bronze I 1250 Points 200 points
Bronze II 750 Points 150 points
Bronze III 1 Point 100 points